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Kalajoki Booking Centre has the largest and most diverse selection of high quality commodation in Kalajoki with some 200 accommodation destinations and 1500 beds for you to choose from!


You can choose accommodation possibilities ranging from the luxurious to the relaxed and easy or a tradiotinal Finnish cottage holiday. We can provide for you a holiday house, villa, traditional Finnish cottage, apartment or hotel room – just tell us what you wish, we are here to make your holiday as easy as possible.


Would you like to have your holiday-house near the beach, nestled among beautiful pine-forests next to jogging tracks, among Kalajoki’s famous sand dunes, near to delicious restaurants, relaxing spa, the local 18 hole golf course or would you just like to stay somewhere and enjoy peace and quite?


Kalajoki Booking Centre offers accommodation possibilities all year round from a one night stay to longer periods. Choose meals, local tourism activities, meeting services, tickets for events and rental equipment in addition with your accommodation – whatever you need for your holiday – Kalajoki Booking Centre can organize it all for you in one local service.


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Location and contact

Our main office is based at Jukupolku 5 in Kalajoki Hiekkasärkät,pyorea eng logo1
next to the Marinenature centre (Meriluontokeskus).
We are open at weekdays from 9 p.m to 7 p.m (19:00) and on weekends (sat-sun) 10 p.m to 6 p.m (18:00)


KEY PICKUP from our office starting at 4 p.m (at winterseason june-august starting at 2 p.m).

On weekdays after 7 p.m and weekends after 6 p.m you can get the keys from Irish Pub Sandy Kelt, address Kalakuja 7.


KEY RETURN on departure day by 12 p.m. to our office/postbox.


Here at the Kalajoki booking centre we are happy to make your stay in Kalajoki as easy and comfortable as possible. Our multilingual staff are happy to organise everything for you!


Call our number +358(08) 4694 449 or send us an e-mail keskusvaraamo@kalajoki.fi



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